easyFTTH is a Broadband Network Gateway (BNG) with a Cloud business management system for Internet Service Providers (ISP’s)

easyFTTH is a Broadband Network Gateway (BNG) with a Cloud business management system for Internet Service Providers (ISP’s)

easyFTTH provides the service delivery management system for the fiber networks to homes (FTTH) and buildings (FTTB).

The easyFTTH cloud management system includes order entry, billing, workflow, network management, helpdesk and CRM. The cloud automates the management of the easyFTTH Broadband Network gateway (BNG ) that provides access control; subscriber authentication, rate plan management and billing control. easyFTTH is very intuitive and easy to use so staff training is minimized. and is very reliable with redundant features and network failure alerting.

Overview - easyFTTH installation

The easyFTTH Broadband Network Gateway is a smart access control system that offloads the cloud by hosting the local subscriber management processing. The easyFTTH cloud management system is provided without charge and eliminates recurring subscriber charges for the ISP.

easyFTTH is a complete management system for your new or growing fiber to the home ISP business

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Save money with the network installation cost

The easyFTTH network build-out is simpler and lower cost than alternatives.

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Save money, easyFTTH has no operating charges

FREE Cloud service, absolutely NO monthly fees, no service fees, no subscriber fees, no upgrade fees.

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Extremely reliable products and Cloud service

Fully redundant gateways continue to service subscribers even without cloud access.

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Multi language support with English and Spanish

More languages will be added with future easyFTTH Cloud releases.

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Deliver the service to your customers faster

easyFTTH will reduce the time between starting the network build-out and delivering the service to customers.

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No limit to the growth of your ISP business

No limit to the number of subscribers, with multiple methods of Internet connection and multiple gateways for each Cloud account.

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Free support and free upgrades

Our on-line support is free for customers and people who want to know more about the easyFTTH system. We provide free upgrades automatically.

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easyFTTH has everything an ISP needs to operate a business

Just add the Internet service.

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Plug and play, connect the equipment and sell the service

There is no gateway configuration, add customers and the Cloud tells the gateway what to do.

How does easyFTTH have the lowest installation and operating costs?

easyFTTH is an advanced technology that has leapt ahead of other cloud-based fiber ISP management systems. Each easyFTTH Broadband Network Gateway is a powerful computer that performs all the transaction tasks that are required to manage the subscribers and the network. The easyFTTH Broadband Network Gateway downloads the subscriber database from the cloud and the easyFTTH Cloud handles the batch processing tasks. The Cloud therefore has a very low operating cost that reflected in the subscriber charges. Another advantage of the easyFTTH technology is that each easyFTTH Broadband Network Gateway operates autonomously and does not require constant access to the Cloud to manage subscribers. This improves the reliability of the ISP network. Other cloud ISP management systems use a general purpose router for access control which means that the cloud server is constantly interacting with the router and has a high overhead, which equates to a high operating cost that is passed on to the ISP business.